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The Road to LEUP

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See: VideoRocketry.com for the best onboard video ever!

Specifically, I refer to the GUMBY Video from the XPRS launch.

But if you canít view it, load the Div X codec

ARLIS Project Information

By: Paul Hopkins



Miscellaneous Links


MudRock 2005

Playa Report June 9th

(from the net)










Project Design Reference Information


Night Flyers!Here is a list of STROBE LIGHTS available at West Marine, including links.

My table of electronics basic features may help if you are trying to decide what to use in a project.


This incomplete table of Aerotech Single-Use motor case sizes shows case lengths, and other dimensions of significance.

This table of Aerotech RMS motor case sizes shows case lengths, and the reloads that go into them.

This link is for ALL the official Aerotech Measurements.

Cesaroni Pro-xx Motor Data

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