TimeTracker - Available Soon! (later this month)
This is the App for you if:
You need to track time worked on multiple Projects, Jobs, or Tasks separately...
AND ...
You often need to quickly change focus from one task to another without interrupting your thought process.
TimeTracker is an Android mobile device app for those who work in a multi-tasking environment where switching focus from task to task many times during the day is desired (or unavoidable); but where there is also a need to track the hours worked on each Job or task separately.

TimeTracker lets you define Jobs (or tasks) and Clients (or projects), and then Clock In to start working on the Job of your choice with a single tap of your mobile device screen.  Once clocked-in, if you get interrupted by another Job you can quickly clock-out of the current Job and into the new one with another touch of your screen.  When finished with the interruption, another tap of the screen can take you back to the first Job or to yet another different Job.
Whether you do multiple Jobs for multiple Clients; or multiple projects or tasks for one Client (or employer), you can easily track the time spent on all of them separately throughout the day.
A running total of time worked for each Job is maintained and easily accessible.  Jobs can be reset and re-used, or deleted as needed.
You can quickly generate a report of time spent on one Job (task), all Jobs for a given Client, all Jobs for all Clients; or for a select date range to limit any report.  Reports are generated in .csv file format so they can be easily imported into spreadsheet applications such as Excel for centralized consolidation and reporting, and you can configure TimeTracker to email reports upon creation.
Jobs and Clients can be exported in bulk or generated in Excel for mass import in bulk to accommodate corporate or multi-user environments.
We are testing the app now, so check back soon for application launch information.